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ImWater Water Desalination Equipments LLC


We are your reliable company in the Middle East Area.

Our 20 years of experience managing, designing and manufacturing compact modular water treatment plants, make us one of the most important companies operating in the Middle East region.
We provide you with the best customized solution for your needs, both for industrial facilities or for small and medium-sized productions.

Our Services

Water Treatment Systems

ImWater offers customized water treatment solutions, focusing on compact modular systems that are easy to install and operate.


ImWater designs, manufactures and installs its own desalination plants and water desalination systems, working both on Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) and Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) plants.

Industrial Waater

Industrial Water

ImWater designs, manufactures and implements industrial demineralization systems based on reverse osmosis. ImWater also designs and manufactures compact industrial effluent neutralization systems.

Water Filtration Systems

ImWater designs and manufactures all types of filtration systems for the industrial and municipal market, such as cartridge or ring filters, in carbon steel and stainless steel, with epoxy, ceramic or ebonite paint coatings.

Pumping Stations

ImWater designs, supplies and installs pumping rooms, pressure boosting system, floating pumping stations and solar pumping systems.

Tanks and Containers

We adapt all types of commercial containers to the client’s needs. ImWater also manufacture and supply all kind of customized atmospheric or pressure tanks made of metal or plastic materials.


Whether you’re curious about features, quotes or even pilot plants, we’re here to answer any questions.