Tanks & Containers

ImWater is an authorised manufacturer of containerized structures ISO – CSC

We can manufacture any design inside an standard metallic frame of 20 or 40 feets, so for sea transport they apply the same freight rates as a Dry Van normal container from the feighter. 

Main Advantages

  • It avoids the need for special transports or on flat racks, which make transport very expensive.
  • On average, this means savings of about half the cost of maritime transport.
  • Customs formalities are simpler
  • Road transport is also simplified, since they can be transported on normal container platforms.

Custom Tanks

Custom Containers

Contenedor personalizado

We manufacture and supply all kind of customized atmospheric or pressure tanks made of metal or plastic materials.

We have our own boiler works factory where we can manufacture metallic tanks up to 6 meters diameter.

We have our own plate number in the Bureau International des Containers (BIC).

Ask us about your system or equipment adaptation needs and we will offer you a tailored containerized solution.


Hydropneumatic Accumulators

Containers Adaptation

Supply of all kinds of hydropneumatic accumulators, expansion vessels, water hammer tanks, etc.

We offer container adaptation services to add new doors, windows, roof covers, or even insulation and refrigeration, as well as customization with logos, images, text… painted.