Water Treatment Systems

As a leading company in water treatment plants and purification systems, ImWater specializes in water purification and wastewater treatment, designing and manufacturing its own water equipment and systems, and carrying out the entire process: from basic engineering, detailing, manufacturing and supply, to transportation, installation at destination, commissioning and training.


Since we are directly involved in all stages of the process, and after more than 20 years of experience in water management and in the design and manufacture of compact modular water treatment plants, we are one of the most important water treatment companies operating in the Middle East area, and we can offer you the best customized solution for your needs, both for industrial installations and for small and medium-sized poblations.

Compact Water Treatment Plants

Portable Water Treatment Plants

We are an authorised manufacturer of CSC containers, with 15 years experience  manufacturing these kind of systems all around the world. 

One of the main applications is to mount these mobile plants on trailers so that the vehicle travels daily to different towns to refill fixed drinking water storage tanks in each place, so that users can consume the treated water until the vehicle returns the next day or when it is scheduled.